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Recipes from Paladini PotpieRecipes from Paladini Potpie

By Andrena Paladini

Andrena weaves her favourite recipes together with clever and insightful stories. Here in one convenient book are 25 of the most sought after recipes from Paladini Potpie.

Mangia! Mangia!


Driving Miss Peggy

By Andrena Paladini

Driving Miss Peggy is a memoir of a delightful lady and her entourage of driving companions.

*Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Modesto Gospel Mission.*


Shepherd’s Gate

By AliceAnn Cantelow

How God built a refuge for women and children. The amazing story of the founding of Shepherd’s Gate, an emergency shelter for women and children.


The Buffalo Writers Diary

By Becky Dudney and The Buffalo Writers

Teacher Becky Dudney led her students to embark on a heart-wrenching, conscience-building, transformational journey through reading and writing. The students learned to see parallels of their own lives in the writings of others, and recorded their thoughts and feelings in the form of reflections, with life-changing results.


60 Seconds Can Change Your Life

By John Baucum

A Fresh Approach to Learning the Guitar


If There Is Anything We Can Do…

By Reba Schmidt

For those who are struggling with the crippling grief of losing a loved one, Reba’s candid reflections bring hope for true healing.


Sitting in Isaiah

By Yvonne Wolf

Refresh, renew and restore your soul while experiencing a spiritual spa through this study in the book of Isaiah. Discover how to protect and strengthen against the impurities and toxins that congest and pollute your soul. Be more than just a survivor in your spiritual life; learn to thrive by feeding on key nutrients for health and wholeness found in the rich writings of Isaiah the prophet. Experience revival through recovering God’s life in you!


Sitting in Psalms

By Yvonne Wolf

Sitting in Psalms opens with Yvonne’s story of healing from wounds of abandonment. Throughout the devotional she shares experiences from her path of healing in memorable down-to-earth ways that encourage readers that God never abandons us, even though He might allow us to be abandoned by those we love. These truths are complemented by lessons from the life of King David and foundational Biblical principles to help readers cope with the everyday struggles of life. Accounts of other lives being healed and changed are shared throughout the book to encourage readers that God can heal anyone from the wounds of loss, betrayal, rejection and abandonment.


Where there is No Doctor, Khmer Edition

“Where There Is No Doctor, Khmer Edition” is now available at a special introductory price of $19.95 with free shipping and handling from One More Chapter.

Translated and beautifully re-illustrated for the Cambodian people, this classic health manual reviews the prevention and treatment of common health problems.

Because the Khmer layout mirrors the English layout, it can also be used for language instruction.


How can I HelpHow Can I Help?

By Lynda D. Elliott

Caring for people without harming them or yourself.