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The Big Picture

(This is a devotional my husband, John, sent to his staff. I thought it would be a good reminder for all of us during these fuzzy times.)

The other day I got up from my chair for a snack, and inexplicably had trouble navigating the microwave. I sat down at my computer and thought there was something wrong with the light. I looked at my watch and knew something was very wrong. It wasn’t til I got back to my chair that I realized I had put on an old pair of glasses with the wrong prescription.

glassesI put on the correct glasses, and immediately, I could see clearly, and everything was normal again.

When we turn on the news, the media amplifies the problems in the world and distorts reality. “What bleeds, leads”.

When we open our bible, the true solution to our every need comes into focus. Jesus is our hope!  Magnify Him and our problems become small and inconsequential. He will set everything right again.

 Let them say continually, The Lord be Magnified”. Psalm 35:27

Let’s keep our hope in Jesus as the lens we choose to walk through the days ahead.