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Rejoicing and Mourning

Today, March 4th, is my husband’s birthday; and today my mom passed away. She was 91 and “ready to go” but I will miss her. Today while celebrate my wonderful husband and thank God for the blessed life we have together, I mourn for the loss of my mom. Rejoicing and mourning. Today we “MARCH FORTH” in the knowledge of God’s great love and his perfect timing

Paladini Potpie

                      The woman is covering her eyes with her hand, and her head is bowed. She stands, wrapped in a blanket, slumped in the midst of destruction. My toes curl and I shift my weight as I stare at the image on my computer screen.   My toe curling and weight shifting is an uneasy reaction – not a purposeful action.  It is a mixture of pity and horror and almost something like guilt.  For the last twelve hours I have been walking around my house curling my toes and squishing my feet into our new carpet.  I’ve been lying on the floor basking in the soft new luxury while this woman has probably been lying on the hard concrete floor of a disaster shelter. I’ve been joking that my house is upside down because we‘ve been moving furniture from room to room, and stacking it so we could carpet the whole house…

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