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Point of Know Return

Welcome Wayne Thompson! Wayne is my cousin, and buddy who used to ride bikes with me at his home in Lexington Kentucky, aBikesnd explore the woods when he came to visit us in Cincinnati. Our lives have gone in many directions over this last 50 years, but it’s nice to be on the same path again. These thoughts of his were inspired by my last post, Both Sides Now.


I find myself having nostalgia attacks more frequently these days, and your post sparked yet another one. Born in 1950, the 70’s were my 20’s. For me, it was a memorable decade marked by a slow drift from, and sudden turn back toward the Christian faith of my childhood. And through it all, for better or worse, pop music was center stage. The 70’s produced iconic bands that influenced me greatly – Kansas, Rock-and-roll1.jpgStyx, Eagles, Queen, Journey, Doobie Brothers, Jackson Browne, etc. In 1977, at the height (or depth) of my years as a Wayward Son, the new Kansas album, “Point of Know Return” Kansas_-_Point_of_Know_Returnbrought goose bumps as I realized nearly every song was about Christ or Christianity. What?! My favorite rock band, Kansas, was secretly an underground Christian group!? My worlds collided. I turned a corner. And I have been sailing toward that point of Know return ever since. Other bands’ songs now took on a Christian perspective for me, like Styx “Show Me the Way” and “Come Sail Away”. Music is a powerful force in our culture – for good or bad. h07-cross_sunset-10We’ve seen Joni’s clouds from both sides now, experienced Stevies’s landslide, cried with Don on that starry starry night, and walked along the road with Dan. But in the end, it’s only Jesus that can rescue us from becoming nothing more than dust in the wind.