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Sprouting Memories

It was the roll of screen that did it. Like a time trigger. Without warning I was transported back to my earth-momma days of the eighties. John had bought the screening fabric from Home Depot to repair one of our window screens, but my mind began to sprout with memories.

Alfalfa, radish, broccoli, mung beans…I used to sprout everything I could get my hands on.

But I hadn’t done it in years.


We cut a six-inch square from the roll of screen; I got a quart canning jar, a canning ring – and I was off to the health food store.

The health food store hadn’t changed much since I last visited it in the eighties. Shelves full of amber bottles, and the strong smell of lavender and brewer’s yeast. Nostalgia swept over me. I thought about running home and digging out my old denim jumper or overalls – uniform of my home-school-momming days. But just then I was greeted by one of my son’s friends – now a grown man – who had brought his own little sons in to have a drink at the juice bar. (That really blew my mind, so to speak).

At the bulk food bins I measured out a mixture of alfalfa, broccoli, and mustard seed. (I also got some wheat to sprout for wholesome sprouted wheat bread – but that will be another blog.)

And so the second generation of sprouting began:


 Put a heaping tablespoon of seeds into the quart jar and close it with the screen and canning ring.


Cover with water and set it aside for several hours.

Then pour off the water.

 (I always drink the water. I like to think it is full of vitamins but John gags and tells me I’m drinking pond water.)


Cover the jar of drained seeds with a towel and set it aside on the counter.

The seeds begin to sprout quickly.

A couple of times a day you should rinse the sprouts, by running water in through the screen top and pouring it off.


        The sprouts will continue to grow and in two or three days the jar will begin to look pretty well filled.


When the sprouts are about an inch and a half long, place the jar somewhere sunny for a few hours.

They will quickly turn nice and green.


Now you have a pretty big bowl of crisp sprouts for sandwiches or salad. They will keep well in a plastic sandwich bag, but you will want to start another batch as soon as you put this one away. They are really yummy.

       And you don’t even need to wear a denim jumper to enjoy them.