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Paladini Potpie

I discover this every few years, and each time I do I experience a kind of exciting serendipitous déjá vu. I realize I’m not drinking enough water. It might be because I get a certain kind of headache…or the skin on my face feels dry…or I just feel tired overall. But the interesting thing is, I don’t actually feel thirsty. I am thirsty. But I just don’t know it.

Of course I know water is good for me. (It “does a body good” way more than milk.) Besides quenching my thirst, it makes me healthier as it washes all kinds of impurities out of my body. But I forget.

So I discipline myself to drink more water. Okay, eight glasses a day – and I’ll make slash marks on the white board to keep track and make sure I do drink all eight of those glasses. The first one…

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