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Emergency Hot Chocolate Brownies

Paladini Potpie

The attack came late one evening when the house was dark and we were deeply engrossed in Band of Brothers. John paused the movie and looked at me urgently.

 “Do we have any cookies?”

 The attack of the Sweet Tooth! And alas! Not a cookie in the house.  Not even a stale biscotti.

 Help was on the way…sooner or later we’d have Girl Scout cookies. Earlier that day we had placed our pre-order for Thin Mints from our almost granddaughter, Angelina. (The cutest little Brownie in the World.) 

 But that was no help in this current emergency.

As I was thinking about Angelina and Brownies I remembered an old recipe in my word file.  I copied it from an e-mail someone sent me years ago.  For such a time as this.  Brownies you make in 3 minutes, baked in the microwave in a coffee mug. Hot Chocolate Brownies!

We went into the…

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