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More Things Left in Books

Things left in booksA few days ago I found a check to Pacific Telephone for $200.46.  It was dated Jan 22, 1988.  There, in its sealed envelope, it had been tucked into a book and forgotten. It made me think of this post I wrote last year…and I thought it was worth repeating.

…There are three old black and white photographs and a utility bill from the city of Pleasanton (January, 1981 for $31.27). There’s a yellowed envelope with a letter written in beautiful spidery penmanship. (It was delivered with a five cent stamp.) There’s a boarding pass for Northwest Airlines, a lottery ticket, and 43 “official” bookmarks.

I have this pile of things I collected again this year.  Things left in books. We have a book business and buy boxes of books from estate sales. It always interests me to see what people have tucked into books and forgotten.

There’s a 1982 map of The University of California at Berkeley, a little tract from 1976 (Knowing God Personally), a birthday card, and a cigarette quiz booklet published in 1967. Most amazingly, we found 3 twenty-dollar travelers’ checks from 1964.

Did the man who lost the traveler’s checks get his money back?

Did anyone miss any of this stuff?

In this quiet week as we close 2012, I want to take some time to flip through The Book of My Year and see if there’s anything important I have forgotten.

Is there any trash I need to get rid of? Are there any pages I need to reread? I marked certain pages for some reason…

Today is a good day to look over 2012 one more time. Volume 2013 will soon be in our hands.