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Roasted Tiger Pumpkin Seeds

Black and Orange – Oh yeah! The Giants are 3-0 ahead of the Tigers in the World Series. So tonight could be the final game. Last Tuesday I made BLACK bean soup for dinner and later this week I’ll be making ORANGE spicy pumpkin soup.

But in the meantime I roasted the pumpkin seeds for us to munch on tonight during the (hopefully) last game of the series.

This is how I did it:

 One large pumpkin cut into thirds. (In my next blog I’ll tell you how to make the pumpkin into soup)

about 3 tablespoonfuls of salt

Scoop out the seeds.

Put water into the bowl with the seeds to easily remove the clingy-stringy pieces of pumpkin.

Soak in salt water for about 2 hours and then drain off most of the water.

(I used about 3 heaping tablespoons of salt, but you be the judge for your own taste)

Pour seeds and a few tablespoons of water into a heavy bottom skillet.

Roast at 350° for about an hour, stirring from time to time, until seeds are dry.

When the water is completely evaporated and the seeds seem dry, turn off the oven and leave the seeds in the pan until they are cool.

And your Roasted Tiger Pumpkin Seeds are ready to eat!

Play ball!