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BIRGing and CORFing with the Giants

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BIRGing and CORFing are acronyms coined by social psychologists.

I first heard the terms a couple of years ago in our Beth Moore Bible Study in the book of Esther. She was warning of the danger of putting people on a pedestal.

BIRGing means “Basking In Reflected Glory”

CORFing means “Cutting Off Reflected Failure”

I noticed a lot of BIRGing back in 2010 when the Giants won the World Series. Giants’ fans came out of the woodwork. It cracked me up. Everybody was on the bandwagon. People who had never mentioned the word “baseball” were suddenly wearing Giants’ jerseys and hats, talking about how “OUR boys are doing good!”

The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when OUR team clinched the National League West.  I kept hearing that WE are going to the World Series again.

To be honest – I, myself, kept saying, “WE are going to the World Series again.” I couldn’t pass a stranger wearing Giants’ gear without giving him a thumbs up!

We were carried along on the wave of gladness and bonhomie!  What fun!

But alas! Today…we see CORFing at it’s finest.

I was talking to my daughter, Monica, this morning. She lives in Maryland now, and although she’s a Giants fan by upbringing, she’s Orioles fan by marriage.

We’ve all been excited about the prospect of an Orange and Black World Series.

She said “I was so proud when I was watching the Giants on TV. AT&T Park was so pretty and every seat was filled and there was a sea of orange.  I thought, ‘We’ve got this!'”

“We’ve got this…

But we didn’t have it. Both teams lost. Orioles and Giants both lost their respective games.

Our World Series hopes begin to diminish…

As John and I were listening to the game last night I can’t tell you how may times John said “Stupid Giants!” or “Oh come on!”

Today Monica said, “They played like a bunch of Little Leaguers!”

I agreed.

Why can’t they play like champions?  It’s so embarrassing!

THEY.  Cutting off reflected failure.

But… there are three more games in the playoffs.

Come on Giants – we really would much rather BIRG then CORF!


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