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Orange and Black Birthdays and Books

The library is our first destination every Thursday morning when Nathan comes to visit. I want my grandson to love books, and I want the library to be one of his favourite places.

And so it was, that last Thursday we had looked at lots of books, played with puzzles in the children’s library, and were heading toward the door when I stopped short. I had just heard the words, “Matt Cain”

Books and Baseball – the marriage of two of my great loves! I stopped to eavesdrop.

Two young library employees had paused in their work, to talk about Matt Cain’s perfect game the previous day. Their arms were full of books and their faces were full of animation.

A lady librarian looked up from her desk and saw me standing there. “May I help you?”

“No, thank you.” I smiled, “I’m just enjoying these guys’ conversation about the Giants.”  I spoke loudly, intending for the guys to hear me. They laughed, and I was admitted into the conversation.

We talked about Matt Cain of course, and Buster Posey. And how the whole team had worked together so well to create the perfect game.

Then I told them that it was really special for me because June 13th  was my birthday. I had hoped the Giants would win, but I didn’t expect them to give me a history-making game.

One of the guys, Brian, stared at me. “Yesterday was my birthday  too!”

“Are you kidding me?!”

He grinned. “I was so excited that it happened on my birthday, and I was wishing I was at the game.”  He told us he usually gives himself Giants’ tickets for a birthday present, but he had decided to go to one of the weekend games instead of the middle of the week.

“Wait a minute.”  Brian and I both looked over at Josh, who was shaking his head in disbelief. He pointed at Brian, “Yesterday was your birthday…” He pointed at me. “…and it was your birthday…?  Yesterday was my birthday!”

What are the odds? Of course we were dumfounded! Three distinct generations – 26, 41, 60 – all book lovers, all Giants’ fans, and all three having our birthday on the same day.

(We agreed that none of us consider Friday the 13th to be a bad luck day. In fact, both Josh and I were born on a Friday.)

I told them I don’t know very many people who share my birthday, and Brian agreed. He said he didn’t know anyone else; and he didn’t even know of any famous people who have a June 13th birthday. (Except he had just read that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen do.)

But Josh knows someone else who shares the date with him. More than one date, actually. It’s his girlfriend, Jennaca. She was born on June 13th the year after Josh. And Jennaca is as much of a Giants’ fan as Josh.  He said they love to go to the games together, and they have both been Giants’ fans for as long as they’ve followed baseball.

Baseball has always been a tradition in Brian’s family, but it wasn’t always the Giants. He grew up as an American League fan, especially following the Kansas City Royals. He said his dad didn’t care for the windy, cold Candlestick Park, but once in a while they went to an A’s game. Then in 1986 Will Clark caught his attention, and the Giants became Brian’s team of choice.  Now he’s passing the tradition on to his daughter, Kaori, as they make plans for a family outing to AT&T Park.

Humm Baby, it’s gonna be more fun than ever to go to the Modesto Library now! Listen closely as you walk along those aisles of beautifully organized books. You might hear the faintest strains of “Take me out to the ballgame.” And whatever you do, Don’t stop believin’ – There’s definitely a Giant influence in the place. Say hello to Brian and Josh (You gotta like these kids!) And remember, “Together We’re Giant!”