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Christmas Card Prayers

I always stick our Christmas cards up on the dining room wall with sticky-tac or poster putty. They’re one of my favourite decorations!

One Christmas season about twenty years ago John was looking at them and he noticed one he hadn’t seen yet.

“I didn’t know we got a card from these guys…” He was so happy to see it!

He began to wander along the wall, looking at other cards; and we realized he had missed several Christmas greetings.  How sad!

So a new Paladini tradition was birthed.

When the Christmas cards come in the mail I don’t open them. I save them till dinnertime, and set one or two by each plate as I set the table. I go “clockwise” around the table, divvying them out.

Some days we only get one or two in the mail, but at the height of the Christmas season we might have IMG_2925several by each plate.

After dinner we stay at the table, and take turns opening our cards and reading them out loud.  We pass around enclosed pictures and read the enclosed newsletters.  And then whoever opened that card prays aloud for the person or family who sent it.

We’ve found that it’s a sweet and really meaningful way to stay connected as a family – and it’s a good way to feel connected to our extended family and friends.

But as I say that, I realize we’re already feeling pretty well connected with most of the people who are dear to us.  There’s much to be said for e-mail and cheap phone calls and facebook.

Things are changing.

And as far as that goes, things are changing in our little empty nest too! This year it will just be John and I gathered around the table reading Christmas cards aloud. But we’re looking forward to it and I have my new package of sticky-tac ready to go!