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Sugar and Thankfulness

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I woke up early and had some quiet time…a cup of coffee…a little maintenance work on my book business… And it was still early. Not even 8 o’clock! My favourite kind of day stretched ahead of me – yummy smelling candles, a fire in the fireplace, the first Christmas music…spending time in the kitchen making rolls and pumpkin pies and key lime pie.

Which should I do first? I surveyed my domain…and then it hit me!  I used up the last of my sugar yesterday.


I wandered over to the window and looked out into the bleak, foggy morning. It was a perfect day to be snug and warm in the house, baking and listening to music. I did not want to go to the grocery store!

But Thanksgiving is coming; I had no choice. 

Then it struck me.  Thanksgiving! A time to give thanks! I was wearing a warm jacket as I left my cute, cozy house.  I was climbing into my nice clean car, that always starts. (In my life I have owned cars that did not always start.)

I would drive a few blocks to the grocery store, and it would be no effort to pull out $3 and buy a bag of sugar.

 Not everyone in the world is so blessed.

Not everyone in my town is so blessed.

Thank you Lord.