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Monica’s Refrigerator Soup

“Guess what I just did?”  Monica’s voice told me I would never guess, so I made a few elaborate stabs. …won the lottery?… got pregnant?…

“I made refrigerator soup,” she announced. (I think I would say she announced it gleefully.)

She said, “I came home for lunch, and I was trying to think of something that would be fast for dinner tonight. Dan and I both have bible study.  I was looking in the fridge and I saw some leftover spaghetti sauce.  And you know spaghetti sauce is the heart of refrigerator soup.”

Spaghetti sauce is the heart of Refrigerator Soup.” That cracked me up.  And it’s pretty true, although not absolutely necessary. 

I made refrigerator soup all through the kids’ childhood, when the refrigerator got too full of musgos.  Musgos are the things in little tupperware containers that “mus’ go” before they spoil.

Quite simply, you just make soup out of whatever is in the refrigerator!  Leftover spaghetti sauce, rice, pasta, any kind of veggies, the last few slices of Thanksgiving turkey diced up.  (Years ago my friend, Pat, was shocked to find a glob of turkey stuffing on her soup spoon one day, but she had to admit it was pretty tasty!)  Put whatever you have into some broth.  Maybe chop up an onion, and throw in a few spices…simmer… and Voilá!

To be honest though, I didn’t think Monica had been paying too much attention back in the day. She was a dutiful kitchen helper/cook when I asked her, but she seemed to have zero initiative or interest during those formative years.

(David, on the other hand, thrived on all things culinary.)

It gave John fits. “What’s she going to do when she gets married?” he worried.

I joked that she might marry someone like David, but that was no comfort.

So here she was calling me cross country to tell me she made Refrigerator Soup. One more example of the truth of Proverbs 22:6.  She explained that she had just put it together and she was calling to see if I had any ideas to add to what she had come up with.

I asked her to tell me her recipe and this is what she said.

About a cup of spaghetti sauce

About a cup of rice

A little bit of canned tomato soup

To this she added:

a can of beans

a package of frozen mixed vegetables

some dried onion flakes and some chili flakes.

She put it into the crock pot with a few cups of beef bouillon and had the setting on low.

I couldn’t think of a thing I’d have changed, except to be able to close the 3,000 miles between us and sit down and have dinner with them!