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Idea Basket ABCs (part 3)

I – In-boxes for mail. Those plastic organizers that attach to the wall – you can get them at office supply stores or Wal Mart. We each had an in-box with our name on it. They were mounted on the wall by the phone and it saved on piles of mail and magazines on the tables and counters.

J – JOY – Sometimes the kids thought this was cool and other times they thought it was hokey. But we told them a perfect acronym for JOY: Jesus first. Others second, Yourself last. JOY.

K – I was talking to Monica and John about our best Paladini idea that begins with “K”. Monica said “knitting”. She reminded me that I taught all of them to knit when they were very young and David even knitted a scarf to give Amanda when they were dating. John said his favourite “K idea” is kissing on bridges. (It has become a tradition over the years that we kiss every time we walk across a bridge.) A tradition is not exactly the same as an idea, though. And this particular post is about ideas. But I do think kissing traditions are good ideas… And I think it’s a good idea to pass knitting (or whatever crafting skills you have) on to your Kids at an early age.