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Poetry and Pesto

First light of day…six of the clock…a time for poetical inspiration…In pajamas and flip flops, I wander o’er our tiny back yard carrying my mug of tea.  The roses are glorious this year! All is peaceful – except for my sixty-five pound puppy who insists on running back and forth tossing a ball at me… and then picking it up and tossing it again when I ignore him.  I’m amazed at how much the garden has grown the last few days while I wasn’t looking.  I see our very first little green tomato. and several almost-ready-to-pick crook necks.  But my greatest delight is the basil! It’s almost ready for a first picking.   We always grow lots of basil. We use it fresh all summer, but I also do three or four big harvests when I cut off almost all the mature leaves and make pesto for later.  It grows back quickly . So with basil on the brain, I thought I would pull out my pesto recipe and share it with you this morning. Pesto has to be one of the seven wonders of the cooking world! It’s still early enough in the year for you to plant basil…it grows fast and easily. Or you can get it fresh at the market.   Mmmm…can’t you just smell that wonderful spicy fragrance!   Wash the basil and pick off the leaves. You will need 2 tightly packed cups.     Place basil leaves in blender.                                                                               Add 2 cups olive oil.    Add 1 cup finely minced garlic and 1/4 cup pine nuts. (salt and pepper if desired) You can also add 1 fresh habañero pepper if you like it spicy.                                         Blend until smooth                  You can freeze it in these 2 ounce portion cups to enjoy all winter!