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Tortillas for Two

This is my first “empty nest” Mother’s Day – the first Mother’s Day of my life that I did not lay eyes on a single one of my kids.  You don’t have to read far into this blog, or know me very well to know that I love being a mommy…mom…mother.  I’ve loved it from the moment I looked down into the face of my firstborn son, Matthew. “You are the most beautiful baby in the world,” I breathed in amazement and delight.

And I’ve loved it through all the seasons. I hardly ever wished to go back in time or move forward to a different age. Every stage had its joy.  I don’t long for a colored macaroni necklace or a handful of roses and dandelions or a sweet crayoned Mother’s Day card on notepaper.  Been there – done that – loved it!

John and I always had a parenting style of raising our kids so they wouldn’t need us when they became adults. (Any more than we all need each other as adults.)  Our goal was to raise them to adulthood and release them to life. Today as I got phone calls, cards and e-mails from all three of my grown up kids, I feel a sense of a job well done.  They all love the Lord and have strong morals.  They are good, productive young adults. And they are my friends.

So I stand in the kitchen with my best friend, my husband.  He has suggested that I show him how to make tortillas so he can make burritos for dinner while I write this post. I start to tell him my usual measurements of flour and water and shortening. Then I stop, and laugh. I have to recalibrate my measurements. I’m still in the habit of cooking for an army of kids and friends! It’s just John and me tonight. Tortillas for two!

Tortilla Recipe

Tortillas for Two: ¼ cup shortening. ½ cup water, a little salt (about half a teaspoon) and enough flour to make a dough about the consistency of playdough.  Shape it into 4 balls.   Roll out the ball on a floured surface until it’s very thin like a pie crust. Bake each tortilla on a dry hot griddle (any hot surface –  a pancake griddle or even a big black cast iron frying pan) until it starts to puff up and bubble in places.  Then flip it and bake untill the other side begins to puff up.  Remove to a plate and do the next one. Each time you put a new tortilla on the stack, flip the stack over. This keeps them moist and pliable.

If you are still in the cooking for an army phase of motherhood you can adapt the recipe and make as big of a batch as you need. My basic recipe is 1 part shortening, 2 parts water and salt to taste, mixing in enough flour to get to the playdough stage. Make the balls about the size of golf balls and follow the baking directions above.

Happy Mother’s Day!